First Annual 5k Color Run

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South Sudan is one of the most under-developed nations in the world. To make matters worse, ethnic rivalries within the newly created government has prevented the country from growing politically, economically, and socially. Educational growth and development, as well, has felt the turmoil that saturates the infant country.

The first need S4SS helped with to spur along educational development was raising funds to get desks for the students at a high school in Kajo Keji, South Sudan. Sticking with our vision to promote the development of the Sudanese, all the desks were manufactured and purchased in South Sudan. The school needed 120 three-seater desks, which S4SS was able to raise the funds for the school to purchase. In conjunction with desks, S4SS helped raise money for the construction and stocking of a school library. In all, S4SS has raised over $17,000 since May of 2014 through donations, local business partnerships, internal fundraising at CHS, and our annual S4SS 5K Color Run.

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