Info about the 5K Color Run

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Hello everyone! We have some information on the 5K Color Run coming up on Saturday November 7th (about 3 weeks!)

If you did not sign up for the Color Run and want to attend, you can either get a physical form (with or without a team) in Rooms 310 or 309 (<?). You can also sign up online at this link: 5K Color Run Sign-Up ( –>

Forms are due by (I believe, since the Daily Announcements for Friday does not have it on there) November 6th. Regardless of how you sign up, you will receive 2 email confirmations from stating what you signed up for, the cost you paid, and how you paid (Cash, Debit/Credit Card, etc). One of them has your ticket to get in. Print and keep it safe!


We have a few food trucks that are graciously going to be there to sell food to everyone on the day of the race. The three that are CONFIRMED as of 10/16 are:

(We cannot guarantee that everyone on the menu will be available at the race, but keep an eye out!)

  1. Qspresso Cubanos
  2. Will and Pop’s
  3. The Humble Pig

In this mix there is a combination of Cuban styled food, BBQ, and classic sandwiches. I hope you find something you like! Additionally, a Will and Pop’s Menu can be found here: Menu


If you are going on the Color Run and not the Competitive run, please be sure you wear clothes that you don’t care about getting dirty in. The paint that is used is non toxic and can be washed out of your hair easily.


I have created our Youtube Page at this link: YouTube

Have a Great Day everyone!

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